Why You Should Hire An Agency Over A Freelancer?

Digital marketing is an essential component of any modern business; with the ability to ‘make or break’ if not done correctly. Given how important it is to almost every company, it’s no surprise then that there’s a huge variety of options and opportunities available in establishing your marketing framework.
One of the biggest questions you’ll be faced with when planning your digital marketing is whether to outsource to a professional.
You could certainly try to do everything yourself, but this will take away time from your actual business management duties, as well as the production of any content that you’re responsible for.
Therefore, the question should be whether you’ll hire an agency to do the work or opt to get a freelancer.

Freelance vs Agency

Hiring a freelancer means that you’ll be relying on the services of a single, self-employed marketing expert to execute your digital marketing strategy. You usually employ freelancers on a contractual basis and you may hire one or more depending on the scope of your marketing needs. Freelancers typically cost less than alternatives and are also working for other clients when not working on your needs.
Bringing an agency on board means hiring a company that specializes specifically in digital marketing. An agency may scale anywhere between a small startup cared for by a single manager and staffed primarily by freelancers, to a large company filled with regular employees.

Freelancer Woes

Getting a freelancer has its own fairly well-established advantages, such as low costs and flexibility of hiring process, in that you can get as few or many as you need. However, taking the freelancer route comes with its own difficulties that make it rather undesirable in comparison to choosing an agency.
For one, a single freelancer may be very skilled, but they are not likely to have the collective experience of a dedicated marketing team who will have handled projects like yours. Because your freelancer is also very likely working on multiple projects at once and will be handling as many as they can, to maximize their income, your digital marketing plan may potentially be impacted in quality whenever they’re overloaded or prioritizing one client over you.

Freelancer Availability

Your freelancer’s availability may also be rather unpredictable. Working from home is an amazing benefit for anyone, but if it’s anything other than a formal arrangement, you may find that they could suddenly have an emergency, an unexpected leave, or anything that could otherwise prevent them from working on your project.
Finally, if your digital marketing needs are fairly large in scope, you might have to manage several freelancers at once, which can be extremely unwieldy because you’ll have to align your goals and needs with each of them separately. And every time one must leave from your team for any reason, it’ll fall on you to turn over the requirements and details of the work to another freelancer.
Once you have a team like this, you should also know that the relative cost savings of hiring a freelancer may actually no longer apply, as their combined hourly rates are all for specialized individual-scale earnings, rather than the potentially cheaper package you may get if you’re hiring a group or agency.

The Positives Of Hiring An Agency

Hiring an agency may seem like an initially daunting task given the possibility of a larger price, but you are likely to receive better, more consistent, and more reliable results that are great for business.
A dedicated digital marketing agency will have an entire team at their disposal to tackle problems from several angles and develop solutions that come from combined years of experience. While they will be working on several projects just like a freelancer would, they’d also have better quality control, with every project filtered through multiple eyes and evaluated by their managers.

Superior Reliability

An agency will also be more reliable, as the impact of unforeseen circumstances will be prevented by the project managers handling the team, with replacements or workload balancing happening instantly without you having to move a finger to worry about anything. This allows you to focus on the business side of things and leave the creative work to your agency.
You won’t need to worry about managing this team – information, requirements, duties and creative vision will all be shared, and any replacements will be briefed and turned-over internally without having to go through you.
And at the end of the day, working with an agency is generally a far more long-term situation than working with freelancers. Rather than developing a contract with someone who treats your project as just another client, you’ll be creating a relationship with an agency who will eventually share your vision and work with you. As your needs grow, you’ll be able to hire out more and more of their services easily, allowing your project to scale along with your own company.


Hiring an agency provides you with the team, resources, and reliable performance that your business will need to grow the way you want it to. You’re provided with the best possible value for the money you put in, and you’ll develop a great relationship with the people who will develop and execute your strategies, which will help you market your business exactly the way you want it to. Choose an agency for your project partner, and you’re definitely not going to regret it!

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